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Jamboree FAQ

Q:  My scout's last physical was on ...  date.  Is that ok to use for the jamboree?

A:  Jamboree Medical Forms must be dated AFTER July 1, 2016. 


Q:  Can I visit my Scout at the jamboree?  When would be the best day to do that?

A:  Yes, you can visit in the common area of the jamboree.  This area is the Summit Center which has samples of the activities from the camp.  You will not be able to visit the camping area or program areas of SBR.   The schedules have just been published.

The dates listed above would NOT be good to visit your scout as he or she will be offsite or committed to an activity.  

If you do want to visit, you can check the schedule of days and time available to visit and purchase tickets at: Link 

Q:  How does scheduling work on the other days?

A:   All other scheduling is done day by day.  Earch participant will get one zip line OR canopy tour token for aerial activities so they can do one of those.  All other activities are open each day and they can line up and participate in the ones they choose.  The app will show approximate wait times to help decisions.


Q:  Will there be Wifi at the Jamboree?  Are smartphones permitted?  Is there a Jamboree App?

A:  Yes, there will be Wifi around the Jamboree.  Use it to save on data charges.   The jamboree does permit smart phone use by scouts and leaders and even has an app that will be updated with information in real time.  The 2017 National Jamboree app powered by @ATT is now available for iOS and Android devices. Get it at 

Q:  Do I need documentation of a swim test for Jamboree?

A:  From the Jamboree's perspective, all of our First Class and above Scouts are assumed to be swimmers based on their rank.  To be clear, known "non-swimmer" should not participate in aquatics.  We do not need pre-jambo buddy tags and we do not need any swim test documents.  Participant credentials will be used as buddy tags in the various aquatic venues.


Q:  Can I send my scout mail at the jamboree?

A:  Yes.  Inbound mail will be accepted beginning Monday, July 17th and continue through Wednesday July 26th.  Address it to:
      First / Last Name of Recipient
      Troop/Crew # _________
      2017 National Jamboree
      92 SBR 2
      Mount Hope WV 25888


Q:  What gear is included with the jamboree registration: 

A:  Contingent members will receive the following items as a part of their registration.
      - 2 Jamboree Contingent t-shirts (select size by adding to your cart below)
      - 2 Jamboree Unit t-shirts
      - 1 Jamboree Day Pack (Includes Hydration Bladder)
      - 1 Duffle Bag
      - 1 Jamboree Contingent Water Bottle
      - 2 Jamboree Unit Specific Shoulder Patches
      - 1 Jamboree Unit Number Patch


Q:   Do you need a Class A Uniform for Jamboree?



A:   Yes. Each scout needs a uniform for jamboree. We recommend ONE Class A Uniform. Some national materials may suggest more, but ONE is sufficient for the jamboree.



Q:  Do you need to purchase a new or special uniform for jamboree?
A:  No. Although you will need a "Class A" uniform at jamboree. It does NOT have to be different than the one a scout uses now. There will be 3 patches that would change - a jamboree patch, a jamboree troop number and a jamboree council strip. For last jamboree, I used the same uniform for my sons' for that they used in the home troop. I added the jamboree patch. I changed the council strip (shoulder - Dan Beard Council patches). I sewed the unit number for the jamboree over their home troop number and then removed it after the jamboree.



Q:  If I want a new uniform, can I get a discount for Jamboree?
A:  Yes. Dan Beard Council Scout Shop is offering discounted pricing on uniforms to contingent and staff participants. To take advantage of the discount, use the order form and return with payment to the scout shop by April 15th.



Updated  7/8/17

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